Michel Lannay

Michel lannay explains how his oyster opener works

explanation with pictures

  1. Stage 1

    Wedge the oyster at the bottom of the housing and position the tip of the knife between the two shells from the back. Do not take the handle with both hands, only support it.
  2. Stage 2

    Send a very brutal blow from the palm of the hand to push the blade in at about 1 cm, the hinge is already open. Hold the tip of the blade upward to unstick the mollusk.
  3. Stage 3

    Still with the tip at the top, press down to the bottom to cut the oyster's foot.
  4. Stage 4

    You will notice that nothing remains on the upper shell, that there is no debris in the oyster and that the little water that flows is collected in the bucket that we have not forgotten to hang on the planned hook this effect.