The history of "L'ouv'huitre"

Back in 1962 Michel Lannay, then an apprentice under his father in his joiner's firm came up with this small and smart tool providing a safe way to opening oysters.

First prototype of the OUV'HUITRE

The basic principle is quite simple : the oyster is placed on the base piece, and with a short thrust the sharp blade of the knife-like element cuts the "hinge" of the oyster open, as it cleanly cuts the upper shell off.

The first prototype (see picture) was only designed for family use, being made from a bicycle fork element by way of knife holder, linked to the base piece with a spoon handle, the knife proper being made from a threshing machine saw tooth that a door stopper keptin place to avoid injury . Basic as though it may have looked, it still did serve the purpose, as it now does now so many years after, being marketed to a success